Litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution methods

The Firm’s team assists and represents its clients before all civil and commercial jurisdictions; if needed, it calls upon its network of lawyers in other cities of France as needed to ensure local representation. It also advises on the implementation of prevention methods and pre-litigation strategies.

The Firm assists its clients in domestic and international arbitrations, governed by French or foreign law, in proceedings subject to the rules of institutions such as the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law), AAA (American Arbitration Association), or ad hoc proceedings.

Arbitration is generally faster than national court proceedings, and allows the parties to choose one or more arbitrators specialized in the area of the dispute. The parties also maintain confidentiality in the handling of the dispute.

The Firm’s intervention continues during the subsequent steps of the arbitration award, upon its notification: domestication (in French “exequatur”) proceedings granting enforceability in France of foreign arbitral awards and judgments, enforcement measures in France; the Firm also represents its clients during appeal proceedings against domestication orders.