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A privileged and long-lasting relationship

HAROCHE AVOCATS is a law firm specialized in business law advice and litigation.

The lawyers exercise their law practice through legal advice, pre-litigation and litigation matters before French courts, as well as domestic and international arbitration tribunals.

The firm provides its expertise to legal entities and individuals in various areas of business law such as contract law, competition and antitrust law, commercial leases, trademark infringement, commercial law, debt collection, enforcement and insolvency law.

In particular, the firm’s knowledge of the customs and practices in the field of franchising (particularly in the restaurant and fast food sectors) allows, in a pragmatic approach, a tailor-made assistance of franchisors and master franchisees on a day-to-day basis during the establishment and development of the brand and throughout the life of the network; the firm also assists franchisees when they enter the network (analysis of the pre-contractual disclosure document, negotiation of the franchise agreement, and then during pre-litigation and litigation that may arise between them, the franchisor/master-franchisees).

The firm’s lawyers advise and assist both foreign companies developing an activity in France, SMEs, start-ups and individuals, providing them with the best legal and judicial framework.

Demanding, reactive and proactive, HAROCHE AVOCATS focuses on a privileged and long-lasting relationship with its clients, ensuring with great availability a personalized support and a quick intervention.

HAROCHE AVOCATS works in collaboration with a network of international and French lawyers.

Our services

Assistance of franchising candidates

The firm assists, supports and advises start-ups wishing to franchise their concept and brand in France, during all stages of this process (defining the goals of the franchise, legal protection of the concept, determination of the entry fee and royalties, drafting of the franchise contract and the pre-contractual information document, awareness-rising of the rights and obligations of the franchisor, selection of potential franchisees recruits…).

Legal and practice trainings

HAROCHE AVOCATS offers to share its experience by providing legal and technical training for its clients’ teams. The aim of these training sessions is to help them acquire the right habits and make them aware of the latest legal developments. The firm welcomes in its offices or travels to clients’ sites according to the needs of each.

Newsletters and legal monitoring

HAROCHE AVOCATS regularly informs on the relevant legal and case law news in its fields of intervention.

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